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We provide healthcare project development and management solutions adapted to your needs. Our global footprint speaks of our success and of our ability to adapt to local conditions and requirements.

Fields of expertise

Design and Project Management

What drives success in healthcare infrastructure projects? Project definition and planning is key in establishing new healthcare facilities but also in expanding existing ones. In the design phase, the idea of the healthcare infrastructure project is analyzed and a feasibility study will be conducted to determine the viability of the project, the size, the investments, etc. Proper Design guarantees a maximum of functionality and cost effectivness after finalizing the project, while a proper project management guarantees the cost effectivness druing the implementation of the project. Sanalux provides with expertise in business, technical, financial, and operational aspects of project management.

Performing Feasibility Studies

Following an initial idea for a healthcare project, a feasibility study is conducted. This is the case, both, when building a new healthcare facility but also when expanding or upgrading an existing one. Feasibility studies are the means to provide with the necessary information to assess the project before it is actually implemented. It would look at the market, it’s characteristics, the healthcare and other needs of the population to serve, including competition analyses and gaps in the service provision. Sanalux will be put in context with your overall strategic vision to further define the project. Together we define the clinical and non-clinical services to be provided and the infrastructure and equipment requirements.

Global Expertise in Healthcare

Why global expertise is necessary? High quality healthcare services are only possible in the appropriate physical environment, locally. We have global expertise and vast experience adapting these local environments to account for regulatory, cultural or other specificities of the project. It is important to take into account not only all necessary core areas of patients flows from diagnosis to treatment, but also the needs of medical personnel but also support and administrative staff and even visitors. A well designed and implemented project is also an efficient and safe healthcare facility.

What‘s your health-project?

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About sanalux

We specialize in consultancy, planning and equipping of any type of health care facilities within various regions and countries.

Our clients are prime contractors and supply healthcare facilities to public bodies, such as ministries of health – but do also provide their services for any private investor or entity.

Healthcare consultancy services

The healthcare industry is constantly changing. More than ever before, technological advancements are contributing to a shift towards an increasingly patient-centered healthcare system.

One of the greatest challenges facing the health service today is the need to redesign services to meet the needs of patients, improve the quality of care and achieve better value for society in a sustainable and cost efficient manner.

Medical equipment turn-key projects

Access to the appropriate medical technology is a guarantee of quality of care. Sanalux is equipped to assess your medical equipment needs, support you in the definition of the medical equipment specifications, and provide you with our expertise in medical equipment procurement including achieving the best competitive procurement price, based on technical specifications.

Once the medical equipment is procured, we take care of shipping it to the construction site and, if required, secure its proper installation and functioning. One of our core areas of expertise is to provide with functional and technical requirements, but also to make sure that the equipment planning fits the scope and level of services of the project, involving experts with clinical and technical backgrounds and delivering also the technical and functional specifications for each item and to determine pre installation requirements when applicable.

Healthcare infrastructure construction projects

We support the strategic planning, design and construction of healthcare facilities. We have ample experience in healthcare infrastructure projects, working with public and private institutions alike, in several geographies. Healthcare infrastructure projects constantly need to be adapted to the changing needs of the populations they serve.

Healthcare provision is constantly evolving, and healthcare facilities have to be flexible, they have to adapt. Our global consultants are at your service to secure that healthcare infrastructure remains relevant, so that you focus on delivering healthcare services.

We provide

  • On-site project management
  • Subcontracting and supervising locally hired construction companies.
  • Subcontracting and supervising locally hired M&E companies
  • Provision of highly experienced staff
  • Supply and installation of medical equipment

Our partners

I have 20 years of professional experience in the field of healthcare and health insurance. I have expertise in technical areas such as value-based healthcare and alternative reimbursement models for healthcare, providers network management, claims and authorizations management, vertical integration, market entry and feasibility studies, business development, wellness, prevention, patient journeys, medical protocols and guidelines, disease management and care coordination. I believe change is the only constant and adapting to change the only way forward. Change is only possible through people.

I have spent the last 15 years helping organizations develop People Management strategies in order to leverage organizational models to meet future business needs. Like the market, my expertise has evolved to encompass organizational excellence which I strategically apply to help businesses respond with agility to changing markets. My background as researcher in behavioral economics, HR Executive and Advisor alongside different industries, gives me a unique perspective that helps me find innovative solutions.

I worked in the UK for both NHS and private sector for over thirty six years. My procurement experience ranges from consumables contracting to the purchasing of large intricate technical equipment with the installation and on going maintenance of such for both health sectors. All of my procurements have been based on the principle of user/customer inclusion from the outset. I am a great believer in getting it right first time therefore work closely with all grades of staff. This ensures that the new system or equipment encompasses all the needs of staff and ultimately benefit the patient.

Carl is an Operating Partner of TVM Capital Healthcare, a UAE based private equity firm investing in healthcare companies in the MENA region. Mr. Stanifer is also Chairman and Group CEO of Cambridge Medical and Rehabilitation Center, Limited (“CMRC”), in Abu Dhabi, a TVM portfolio company. Previously he served as Non-Executive Chairman of Arabian International Healthcare Holding Co. (“Tibbiyah”), a subsidiary of the Al Faisaliah Group, Saudi Arabia. From 2007 he successfully served as CEO of Abu Dhabi Health Services Company (“SEHA”) for seven years. Prior to joining SEHA, he was Group Chief Financial Officer, Bumrungrad Hospital Public Company Limited in Bangkok, Thailand from January 2004.

Questions? Send us your inquiry!

Questions? Send us your inquiry!